Why Aigilo

Our Value Proposition

Pre-screening at Scale

Aigilo was designed from the ground up in the cloud to perform multiple pre-screening interviews at a time.

Instant Screening Feedback

You no longer have to wait for days to get feedback. Aigilo provides screening feedback within minutes of interview completion.

Exclusive Skill Set Library

Aigilo AI has been trained to screen candidates on key industry skillsets. You can just focus on finding the next best candidate and leave the rest to Aigilo.

Unified Hiring Dashboard

Manage all your recruiting artifacts in one place.

Aigilo helps you find the best talent. Faster!

Schedule Prescreening

Setup prescreening with as many candidates as you want at a time.

Instant Notifications

Get notified as soon as screening results are ready.

Access to Artifacts

Secure access to screening artifacts

Screening powered by AI

You no longer need to learn new skills to prescreen and recommend candidates.

Robust Screening Process

Prescreening leverages Just In Time(JIT) preparation semantics; making it an extremely robust and tamper proof process.

Access to Aigilo Support

Immediate access to dedicated support.

Use Cases

Some scenarios where you can leverage Aigilo Technology



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Focus on the best candidates

Interview Anywhere, Anytime..

Candidates can take the interview wherever, whenever it is feasible.

No Scheduling Conflicts

Aigilo eliminates back and forth associated with finding the best time to connect for prescreening.

Increased Interviewer Productivity

Aigilo, through its State of the Art AI filters and recommends the best candidates, enabling the Interviewer to talk only to the best candidates.

Low Cost

Aigilo has a Pay Per Use model which allows you to pay only for the services consumed on the go.

Go Global

Aigilo lets you have a global presencs with its global online footprint.

Our Customers

Improving Hiring efficiency with Aigilo AI

About Aigilo

We are a team of technologists, Entrepreneurs and recruiting specialists. We established Aigilo Inc in 2017 with the primary goal of solving key issues that inhibit recruiting productivity. Our current focus is to fully automate Prescreening in order to enable/unblock the rest of the hiring pipeline.

  • Increase Recruiting ROI - Improve recruiter productivity by over 100%
  • Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts - Chances of conflicts - 0%
  • Accurate Hiring Recommendations - Recommendation accuracy based on relevance - over 95%

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